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Мед-Део - классная стоматология в Киеве

Thank you so much Cheremis Natale, how many go, the treatment is easy and without complications. The whole family treated her. I wish you health and strength for such work.

I want to Express my gratitude to the dentist Pavelchak Irine.

I want to Express my gratitude to Dr. Pavelchak I.V. and Kurochkinu S.I.

A good clinic. For me it is expensive, but other clinics are more expensive. Just haven’t adapted to the new prices after the jump in the dollar. Maintained by Dr. Yarmolenko Catherine Petrovna. Thanks to her, a great professional, very discreet, friendly and attentive. During the operation entirely occupied by the patient, not talking with colleagues (sorry just had a sad experience). From the diversity I think one of the best clinics, all advise.


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