Panoramic shot of the teeth

Orthopantomogram or panoramic picture dentition – ” teeth passport ” , which contains information on the status of all teeth , their germs , temporomandibular joint and maxillary sinuses.

Orthopantomogram allows the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis , to see the hidden changes in the tissues of the teeth and periodontal treatment plan , to hold it in a timely manner , and thus prevent the occurrence of dental pain .

панорамный снимок зубов

Panoramic shot of the teeth is a must study in preparation for prosthetic teeth, periodontal treatment , in the planning of dental implants and, of course , in orthodontic treatment . Panoramic shot of the teeth is indispensable in dental diagnosis .

Diagnostic equipment includes digital orthopantomograph “SOREDEX”. In just a few seconds we get a picture of the teeth with perfect quality . You can see the screen clearly dental health before, during and after treatment.

The sooner you find tooth decay , the less interference dentist. With timely diagnosis will be more hard tissues of the tooth will be less seals , thereby reducing the probability of hitting a nerve. Your tooth will last longer “live” reducing the time and cost . Your breath will be fresh !

Take care of your teeth , time, money and nerves. Come for a visit on a regular basis !

The cost of X-ray diagnostics

X-ray diagnosticsCost ( UAH .)
Panorama Shot165
Панорамный снимок зубов не выходя из клиники

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