Dentistry for pregnant women

In anticipation of one of the most important in the life of every woman’s event – the birth of a child , dentists “MED-DEO” recommend expectant mothers early to worry about preventing dental disease and see a specialist .

We each expectant mother to carry out an individual approach – professionals in the ” MED- DEO ” will make sure that you feel comfortable !

Do not treat patients teeth impossible. Our experts will provide dental services that are not harmful during pregnancy : treatment of periodontal disease and caries , treatment of gum disease and tooth decay , setting breketov, delete zubov.

In Family Dentistry “MED-DEO” experienced professionals , and the treatment is carried out using only permissible during pregnancy drugs and the most modern equipment . For example , treatment of periodontal disease is carried out using the latest equipment , including high-performance machine «Vector», making it possible to defeat the disease at any stage . In surgical dentistry we do not use anesthetic drugs of dubious origin , as well as strictly contraindicated during pregnancy anesthetics containing epinephrine and its derivatives , streptomycin and tetracycline , which violates the development of bone and teeth in the fetus. Also for dental treatment expectant mothers we do not use arsenic.

Стоматология для беременных

Even if during pregnancy you in the mouth develop an inflammatory process , do not panic , experienced professionals in the clinic ” MED- DEO ” select for you the best treatment and safe antibiotics – penicillins, cephalosporins , erythromycin . But take them during pregnancy can only intended dentist !

In order to properly diagnose, dental X-rays are often needed. It is contraindicated in pregnant 1 and 3 trimesters. Not to harm the health of women in family dentistry “MED-DEO” apply radioviziografy, the use of which reduces the risk of exposure tenfold.

In addition, we are concerned about the availability of dental services to the general public and conduct the flexible price policy, introducing in his company the best European tradition. Patients network of family dental clinics “MED-DEO” have the opportunity to take the help of our experts and privately and through insurance companies.Among our partners are large insurance companies like Alfa Insurance, Alliance Ukraine , Illichivska , INGO Ukraine , PROVIDNA , JUST – insurance, TAS , Ukrainian Insurance Group , UNIQA and [ many Other- > rub6]. And if your insurance company is in the list of our partners – you can use dental services in a network of family stomatology ” MED- DEO ” on Oboloni in tsentre or Akademgorodok in accordance dental program with your insurance policy .
Expectant mothers , it is important to know what is best to visit the dentist before the planned pregnancy. But if you do not have time to do it, to treat teeth is recommended in the second trimester . Experienced dentists ” MED- DEO ” easily cope with the tasks of any level of complexity , so that in this special period you had a perfect Hollywood smile .

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