Dentistry for children

One important part of the health of Your child, regular visit to the dentist. In network family dental clinic “MED-DEO company” has developed a special range of preventive and therapeutic measures aimed at preserving Your child’s teeth healthy. Experienced specialists of “MED-DEO” in the form of a game will teach Your child good brushing, advise pasta, and if needed will prescribe a comprehensive treatment. The removal of carious lesions of teeth will improve the immune system, improve gastrointestinal tract and reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases.

Детская стоматология киев на оболони

At the clinics, “MED-DEO” at your service help in any direction dentistry and the most modern equipment. Our experts are keeping a close eye and use in practice the most effective methods of treatment and prevention, which appear in the modern world of dentistry. So, one of the latest innovations in the network of family dental clinics of our company – an opportunity to choose the color of the seal. Orange, pink, purple with sparkles. If necessary, treat teeth, your child can choose the color of the future seal. This motivates the kid to treatment and further more careful hygienic care of their teeth! Material seals designed specifically for milk teeth.

In a network of dental clinics ” MED- DEO Company ” to stabilize the caries process has already begun using the latest technology silvering teeth. Instead of the traditional procedure, after which the teeth of children becoming darker shade , we use the latest Japanese drug ” Saforayt .” He also contains silver and enamel strengthening fluoride , tooth colored but smaller. In addition , the drug ” Saforayd ” has no negative effect on the tooth pulp .

For the prevention of dental caries , we offer a painless procedure fissure sealing teeth. It does not take a lot of time and relevant for both children and adults . Well-conducted sealing eliminates the risk of tooth as long as the sealant remains in place. According to statistics, during the first years of 80 % sealing remains in place after 5 years – 70% in 10 years – 30%.

In addition, we are concerned about the availability of dental services to the general public and not only introduce a flexible pricing policy, but also cooperate with insurance companies. Among our partners are large insurance companies like Alfa Insurance, Alliance Ukraine, Illichivska, INGO Ukraine, PROVIDNA, JUST-insurance, TAS, Ukrainian Insurance Group, UNIQA and many others. If your insurance company is in the list of our partners, you can take advantage of dental services in a clinic in the network of family stomatology “MED-DEO” (Obolon in the center or Akademgorodok), in accordance with the program of your dental insurance policy.

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