Dentistry for adults

In network family dental clinic “MED-DEO company” developed a range of dental services, which includes prevention of oral diseases, and help in any area of modern dentistry. This: periodontics, therapeutic, orthopaedic, orthodontic, surgery and cosmetic dentistry and implantation and prosthetics. No matter what issue You have addressed, our experienced specialists will help to solve the problem of any level of complexity. Clinic “MED-DEO” is equipped with the most modern dental appliances, and experts may use in practice the most eff

For the prevention of caries and periodontal disease in our clinic You can make your teeth professionally cleaned, and our dentists will recommend a diet that reduces the percentage of streptococci and lactobacilli in saliva, and preventing the reproduction of bacteria cariogenic. With the help of modern highly sensitive equipment our experts identify caries at the stage boundary condition of the enamel.

Treatment of diseases of the gums (periodontal disease), in “MED-DEO” performed using the most modern equipment, including highly efficient device Vector, making this disease manages to defeat at any stage.

In our network clinics family dental care for our patients: we use only the most modern equipment, but also certified, safe for health materials and medicines. Our experts successfully treat dental caries and its complications, pulpitis, periodontitis, prepare the teeth dentures, make implantation. All expert consultations are free!
Necessary for dental implants panoramic shots in “MED-DEO Company” are made on a digital x-ray machines, provides clear image, high diagnostic accuracy and safe radiation dose.

In addition, we care about the availability of dental services for broad sections of the population and conduct a flexible pricing policy, introducing your company in the best European tradition. Patients network family dental clinic “MED-DEO” have the opportunity to use the help of our experts via the insurance companies. Among our partners are such large insurance companies, Alfa Insurance, Alliance Ukraine, Illichevsk, INGO Ukraine, PROVIDNA, prosto-insurance, TAS, Ukrainian insurance group, UNIQA and many other. If Your insurance company is on the list of our partners You can avail dental services at a clinic network of family dentistry “MED-DEO” Obolon, center or on campus, in accordance with the dental program of Your insurance policy.

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