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For more than twenty years, our dentists are helping patients in Kiev. We are the network of clinics that provide the whole range of dental services and X-ray diagnostics.Dentistry Kiev is the network of dental clinics Med-Deo!

Our goal is high-quality treatment of each patient. We strive to ensure that patients of all ages remember their treatment in our dentistry with a smile.

Our profitable and promotional offers in Kiev for you:

The more you wait the bigger problem will grow from a trifle!

Even today, the specialists of the Med-Deo dental clinic in Kiev are ready to explain how you can not only save the beauty of your smile but also make it even more radiant and attractive.

The network of dental clinics in Kiev Med-Deo is:

professionals with many years of experience and 100% guarantee for all types of services at a reasonable price

dental services for adults
What can we say about the quality of our services?

Our dentistry has more than a hundred different diplomas and certificates. Some of them you will notice on the walls of clinics. We are proud of these achievements ,and even more we are proud of the experience gained and the results achieved.

2017The leader of the year of the national business rating
2017The choice of Ukraine – a national independent business award
Выбор Украины - награда
21year – we are working for you in Ukraine
7Years of experience is a minimum for dentists Med Deo
2017Year of manufacture of our 3D CT device
55000Grateful patients
31Insurance company concluded a contract
2017Year of manufacture of our panoramic photography device

X-ray diagnostics of the latest generation will allow you to get the most complete and accurate information about the condition of your oral cavity

Dental treatment under a microscope guarantees you a high quality of services even after a failed previous experience.

Digital smile planning will show you the result of aesthetic dentistry even before starting any work!

Ultrasound implantation will allow you to quickly, painlessly, without huge recovery times, and most importantly with 100% success, to obtain the opportunity to consume your favorite food.

Ultrasound surgical equipment “Piezotom” will provide you with safe and painless procedures.

Using a noiseless physio-dispenser, instead of a horrible and outdated drill, will reduce pain in any operations and make your stay at the clinic less stressful.

Plasmolifting with APRF, with IPRF will help to effectively recover or restore your gums with 100% success.

100% guarantee for all types of services, speaks about the quality of work and responsibility for the result.

Treatment of gums with the Vector apparatus guarantees a painless, rapid and 100% disposal of gum disease.

An appointment with a dental clinic can be made in the telephone and via an online form.

Armed with the latest technology, we have become the best in cosmetic, restorative, family dentistry and surgery, providing quality treatment and excellent customer service.

Services of the dental clinic Med-Deo in Kiev:

Prevention and hygiene

preventive measures aimed at preventing oral diseases


treatment of gums (periodontal) at various stages with the use of special equipment (including “Vector”)

Therapeutic dentistry

treatment of caries and its complications, pulpitis, periodontitis, preparation for prosthetics, and other procedures for children and adults

Orthopedic dentistry

prosthetics in cases when the filling is impossible or if one or more teeth are missing

Orthodontic care

correction of various pathologies of bite and position of the teeth

Surgical dentistry

tooth extraction, surgical preparation of the oral cavity for prosthetics


creation of an artificial support for further prosthetics

Aesthetic dentistry

teeth whitening – one of the most popular procedures, comfortably giving a snow-white color to your smile

Panoramic snapshot

orthopantomogram (panoramic image) – one snapshot for all teeth at once

If there is no time or opportunity to call, just fill out the application form and we will contact you at a time convenient for you.

It’s no secret that some people just do not like going to the dentist. Most often these are bad memories of past visits. We promise that our dentistry will not leave you unpleasant sensations!

We are proud of the level of professionalism of our dentists. They easily cope with the most difficult cases. In our dental clinics there are no hopeless cases, there are problems that we solve with honor.

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